Dip Pen Ink Bottle

It's been ages since I last drew with my dip pen and ink, so out they came today... 

Holbein Sepia Permanent Ink on Acrylic Primed Cartridge Paper
Size: about 3" x 4"
(this is the actual ink pot the ink came in..)

The Holbein Permanent Ink I used has never been really suitable for my particular working method. Always found it too diluted (thats why I prime the paper, for it usually just seeps through,... just a real mess). I much prefer W&N Peat Brown Permanent Ink, which is much much thicker, but haven't been able to get it over here for ages.. :(

Been meaning to try different ways of using the holbein ink though, to find it's strengths (since I have two bottles!). So this time I tried mixing a little ink with water so I'd have two tones to work with. This seems to be a good way to work with it's inherent washed out look and I will definitely be experimenting much more in this direction.... :)


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