'Lone Slipper' Alla Prima ACEO

As you may have noticed I've been trying to loosen up my style a bit and not follow my natural tendency to slavishly copy what I see before me, instead letting the painting lead me to where it needs to go and hopefully bring out the essence and emotive quality that is inherent in great works of art...

Oil on Primed Linenboard
Size: 2.5 x 3.5 Inches

Been thinking of painting some of my old ballet slippers for some time, and so I finally pulled out a pair the other day.. 
The ribbons kept moving about as I was painting as I had propped the slipper up at an angle for the composition, but this was still one of the most fun subjects I've painted lately and I'll definitely be revisiting them again in the future.. :)

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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