Wooden Beads

With every painting one learns something, even if it doesn't turn out well. I still decided to keep this one around as a reminder of the lessons I need to pay attention to.

'Wooden Beads' Alla Prima ACEO
Medium: Oil on Linen board
Size: 2.5 x 3.5 Inches

I have kind of been slaking my technique a bit, using just one brush throughout the painting, though several would be best in saving time between cleaning and interchanging between dark and light while painting. It will no doubt just be easier to keep the colours cleaner & brighter as well.
Also I've got to stop doing such complicated subjects for practice till I improve more.. 

Next studies will concentrate on tone while still working on my colour, brushstrokes and speed. I'm also going to be trying a different method as I paint these alla primas.. 

Till then!.. :)


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