Wednesday Figure Drawing Practice

Hiya,.. tried to get a better image of one of my figure practice drawings today by scanning, but it was a little too big for my scanner and got sightly cropped...
Anyways I'm having tons of fun practicing my drawing daily with the new site. I'm getting out my charcoal pencils, vines and compressed charcoal from where they've been hibernating as I get to explore the form in more detail.. :)

Charcoal Pencil and Vine Charcoal on Mahjong Paper.. The scan was A4..

I've got a ways to go,.. My strokes have not quite got that spontaneous fluidity that comes from practiced skill yet.. To tell you the truth I've been concentrating so hard on creating art as a profession for so long, I had forgotten to enjoy the simple pleasure of creating it.. However I'm making a concerted effort to let go a little, stop worrying so much about my meal ticket and enjoy what is essentially really a major love of my life, creating art!... These daily drawing practice sessions are a welcome start to my day, and it's exciting to see improvement day by day.. :)

Thanks for the visit guys!... :)


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