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Morning Visitor Alla Prima

Hi guys, sorry it's been a while since I've posted here. My regular postings lately have been on my 'On the Easel..' page and with time constraints, I haven't likewise been updating this and my other blogs with all my work.. The first half of this year had me preoccupied with other life matters, however things have been settled now and my full concentration can now be fully focused on my art and blogs too!
Now this picture has been one I've been wanting to paint for ages. Taken a few years back of my mum one early morning as she still lay in bed with her regular morning visitor (our cat at the time) Crookshanks, the natural light flooding the dimly lite interior so beautifully along with the subject matter made for a lovely subject for a painting. 

I wanted to keep the palette minimal and the contrasts strong and made a few adjustment to strengthen the composition (lowered the bed headboard and added the picture on the wall)
I've been experimenting with us…

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