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Testing DIY Silverleaf Sealant, Size & Colour Palettes.

For these next two tiny oils I wanted to test out some alternative oil based gilding paste mediums ( trying out different mixtures of liquin, linseed and turps ) and sealant for silverleaf at the same time I thought it would be cool to try out different colour palettes one of which I had planned to use on my next silver metal leaf oil painting.

DIY Silverleaf Sealant & Size.
Thus far I have been using a water-based paste as the silverleaf size which rather restricted my working process (and I feel resulted in rather stiff results) as I had to apply the silverleaf before anything else (requiring a rigid preliminary outline). With an oil based glue I'll be able to organically bring in the silverleaf after a freehand (and thus hopefully more gestural / expressive) oil underpainting.   I've also been using clear acrylic gloss as a sealant, however this has a rather dulling effect and I recently read acrylic can react to the silverleaf as well. Traditional methods of sealing wi…

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