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Infox' Oil and Silverleaf Painting WIP

Hiya folks! 
This little piece was created to try out a palette and contour patterned style that I was thinking of using for a larger painting - 'Reflective Infoxication'.
'Infox' is a cropped version of 'Reflective Infoxication' image at its exact same proportions. 

After stretching a small 5.2" x 3.9" texturally gessoed (look carefully and you should be able to see the underlying gesso brush strokes) canvas on to a piece of plywood with masking tape, the ground was toned by rubbing a thin layer of raw umber acrylic + slow drying medium, and then a quick underdrawing done in raw umber oil paint.
It was then gilded with the silver metal leaf design. This gilding process takes about 2 days overall. A protective layer of Liquin + touch of Stand Oil + Turpentine (my own recipe) was then applied over the gilded silverleaf and left to dry properly for a few days before proceeding with the underpainting in raw umber oil..
Beginning to Paint!
With a tonally …

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