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Potato Alla Prima

Gaddafi Caricature

Willow Charcoal Portrait

1/2 hour Modeled Drawing in Watercolour

10 Minute Form Studies in Ink

Daily Gesture Drawings

Dragon Eye Work In Progress

5 Minute (about) Caricature sketches

More Hands n Feet Gestures

1 Hour Modeled Drawing

Right Angle Study

More Gestures

Gesture Hands and Feet

Egg in 1 hour 15 Minutes

Watermelon Oil in 1Hour

Shisha (1 hour 15 min Alla Prima)

1 Hour Alla Prima French Beans

Riana Green Sky Line (1h Alla Prima)

Reverse Poses

More Gesture Drawings!

Modelled Watercolour 6A (50min)

Carrot Watercolour

Garlic Watercolour

Modelled Drawing in Watercolour Sch 6A

The Natural Way to Draw Overdue Update!

Votive Figurine


Starting 1 Hour Daily Alla Prima's !..