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Watson' the Cat Wet on Wet Oil Painting.

Still not done with practicing how to create harmonious strong and vibrant colour palettes. I was attempting to create the crosshatch like pattern of 'Vegvisir' with this little 4"x4" oil, but in a more spontaneous expressive manner. However it went the route of a Van Gogh'ish style instead in the end..
Still I like it, and I'm happy with the strong saturated warm palette with complimentary dashes of green here and there.. There is still so much to learn and master when it comes to colour!..

The Underpainting
Began with a lovely toned, knife gessoed ground as I was thinking of leaving some of this surface showing here and there. I needn't have bothered though as I covered it all in the end, as the toned ground was a bit too bright and the hue did not really go with the final palette..

A basic tonally accurate underpainting was painted with raw umber and some medium (I usually use turp, refined linseed oil and liquin, even in my underpainting nowadays, as this…

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