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Daily Alla Prima Oils

Hiya guys!.. 
Boy it's been sometime since I've posted here. I guess I haven't really been doing anything new when it comes to the humdrum business of daily practicing, following Nicolaides 'The Natural Way to Draw' exercises and the usual figure drawing practice sessions. Since joining instagram it's allowed me to share my practice works in a quick immediate fashion too.
This year has allowed me a little more room to breath though and to focus on my art, and with that more energy to expend on trying to up my game when it comes to the nitty gritty of improving ones skills..
So I've started trying to cultivate the tried and tested practice of the daily alla prima oil! 
I didn't really have a thought of sharing the process of these when creating them, so pics are limited,but here are a few.. They've all been about 4" x 4" in size so far.

Now I don't want these to take focus away from my main artworks, so with limited time to spare I'…

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