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Our Painted Lives Journey 1

Hiya folks, I was introduced recently by a friend to a youtube channel  Our Painted Lives featuring the creative renderings of the ever inspiring duo Dani and Nicolas. Though online daily painting challenges are a dime a dozen online, the particular challenges Nicolas focuses on, reflect skills I've really been wanting to improve on in my own work for sometime. It's perfect timing for me to continue honing my skills while still enabling me to concentrate my real creative thought and effort in the larger conceptual painting I'm currently working on as well.. Now unlike Nicolas, I'll be doing these about every other day or so instead of 5 days a week, as I work on my main art as well.. WEEK 1 In his 1st week Nicolas concentrated on 5 portraits, all in very different lighting conditions..  Now I must say, I usually take my time when it comes to portraits, so completing one within a day would pose a challenge in itself for me. (which as you'll see I didn't quite me

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