An Ol' English Pub CityScape & Figure Painting

Hi guys, so while most everyone is cooped up within, I thought I'd paint something of the outdoors, a little cityscape from an old UK vacation pic taken many years ago.. I've got quite an archive of pics taken expressly for the purpose of being used as reference for possible future artworks. So I thought now would be a good time to delve in and paint some!..

Painted alla prima in oil, this street scene featuring the 'Wellington Arms' was taken in Marlborough.

Completed on the easel.. That's the ref pic there in the background, cropped to the preferred compo. 

Preliminary Underpainting

Using a pre-prepared 4.4" x 4.4" primed and toned hardboard, the bones of the compo was quickly painted in with raw umber.

Starting to Paint


Titanium White, Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ocher
Alizarin Crimson
Cad Red
French Ultramarine
Monestial Green (phthalo)
Raw Umber
Ivory Black

Went in with the most prominent 'hue' first, the white. The source light in the picture was really cool, so although I would usually mix my titanium with just a touch of yellow, that was not needed this time, as its cool hue suited the white wash of the pub brickwork perfectly..

Working back and forth, attention was given to only applying strokes and details that supported the overall composition with just enough detail for the viewer to decipher the subject matter..  This is a skill I continue to try to hone, as I find art interpreted like this, to be much more visually exciting.

Here it is complete.. :)

'Wellington Arms'
Oil on Primed Masonite
4.4 x 4.4 Inches
Collect the Original or Collect a Print! 

While I'm here, I thought I'd add a few WIP pics of a little figurative gesture I did recently, painted alla prima with a limited palette of Ivory Black, Burnt Umber & Burnt Sienna on a toned ground.. 

Using a stock image I had purchased as reference, the form was painted in with expressive strokes on some pre-prepared primed and toned unstretched canvas.

As with 'Wellington Arms' each stroke was laid with deliberate intention, so as to mold the form expressively, with minimal brush strokes.

Complete on the easel.

Once thoroughly dry, it was cropped square, mounted on masonite, and given a thin coat of retouch varnish, to bring out the full depth and saturation of the hues.. 
(See more detailed pics at 'Ivory Gesture')

'Ivory Gesture'
Oil on Canvasboard
5.45 x 5.5 Inches
Collect the Original or Collect a Print! 

Thanks for dropping by guys and stay safe!.. :D


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