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'Reflections' ACEO Oil Painting

'Reflections' ACEO 1st Layer Complete

'Reflections' ACEO WIP 1st Layer

Timeless Chaos Pre Drawing WIP

'Timeless Chaos' Copper Support!

Back With A Few Sketches

Quick Sketch Before I Go!

'Girl with Phone' Oil Alla Prima ACEO

'Timeless Chaos' ACEO Oil Painting on Copper!...

Garden Pots

Timeless Chaos ACEO WIP 2

Cool Support for Next ACEO..

3rd Glaze Layer.

2nd Stage, Next Mandelbrot Mist...

Breathing in New Life.

WIP Dragon Eye ACEO Test Painting

Makin' Frames

Black Model T ACEO

Peek at next ACEO

Ford Model T ACEO Complete!

WIP Ford Model T ACEO

Ford Model T Underpainting ACEO

Dog Biscuits Alla Prima ACEO

Beauty Alla Prima Aceo

Ahh.. Water.. :)

Protector of The Young ACEO

Jack Daniels Alla Prima ACEO

Sweets ACEO Alla Prima

Small Alla Prima Garlic

Chinese New Year Orange Alla Prima's

30 Sec Gesture Drawings