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What you can help do about Climate Change going forward!

'Reflections' ACEO Oil Painting

'Reflections' ACEO 1st Layer Complete

'Reflections' ACEO WIP 1st Layer

Timeless Chaos Pre Drawing WIP

'Timeless Chaos' Copper Support!

Back With A Few Sketches

Quick Sketch Before I Go!

'Girl with Phone' Oil Alla Prima ACEO

'Timeless Chaos' ACEO Oil Painting on Copper!...

Garden Pots

Timeless Chaos ACEO WIP 2

Cool Support for Next ACEO..

3rd Glaze Layer.

2nd Stage, Next Mandelbrot Mist...

Breathing in New Life.

WIP Dragon Eye ACEO Test Painting

Makin' Frames

Black Model T ACEO

Peek at next ACEO

Ford Model T ACEO Complete!

WIP Ford Model T ACEO

Ford Model T Underpainting ACEO

Dog Biscuits Alla Prima ACEO

Beauty Alla Prima Aceo

Ahh.. Water.. :)

Protector of The Young ACEO

Jack Daniels Alla Prima ACEO

Sweets ACEO Alla Prima

Small Alla Prima Garlic

Chinese New Year Orange Alla Prima's

30 Sec Gesture Drawings