The Natural Way to Draw Overdue Update!

Haven't been able to take any pictures yet but the good news is I finally got it in to my head to use my scanner!.. at least for my drawings (my scanner would not thank me if I scanned oil paintings that weren't completely dry).. 
These are some I did today.... My scanner only fits A4 sizes but I kind of scanned different parts of my gesture drawings done on A2 (about) size newsprint and combined some parts in photoshop, as seen below... 

A few 1- 1.5 min gesture studies of me hands and feet.

I've been practicing my drawing skills by following a method formulated  by Kimon Nicolaides. His book 'The Natural Way to Draw' is concise and clearly written, helping one truly feel the essence of his lessons short of getting personal tutelage from the teacher himself... There's a lil more on it from my first post about it here

Here be Modeled drawings using a balled point pen, done in an hour.

His intuitive methods leave me often times with unintelligible scribbles fit for naught but the bin... however one is undeniably endowed with new insight after, that otherwise, would not have been absorbed .... 

Thought I might start posting these daily, with more insight in to the lessons being practiced if found to be of interest.. I'll see how things go... :)

Anyways thanks for visiting everyone!.. :D


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