Daily Gesture Drawings

As you may have noticed if you've read previous posts here I'm always posting gesture drawings... This is because I do them daily, even if I don't have time for anything else, 25 (1 minute gestures) are done without fail.

Usually start off with 15 figure gestures with the help of posemaniacs.com. (the page is usually completely filled, freeing me from being too conscious of creating a perfect drawing instead of working with the fluidity needed.

Although working from a 2D source is less than ideal, it helps me become familiar with human anatomy.. The lack of life subjects is made up for somewhat with primarily practicing those most notoriously difficult to draw human appendages, hands and feet, for the next 10 gesture drawings.

Hand gestures are done more so than feet as there are just so many more variances of 'posture' in their poses... :)

They warm me up for the arty day ahead, of course, give invaluable drawing practice, and are thoroughly enjoyable to do.. :)

Thanks for visiting!... 


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