Couple in Oil Paint

Hi all, I'm psyched cos' I've just finished and signed a portrait in oil of an old friend and her hubby. She just recently got married and I was honoured to be one of her bridesmaids... :)

Wanted to create something totally different from what I've been painting lately, especially as regards to the style of my other recent portraits,.. 

Just completed portrait with remains of paint left on me palette.
Crossing me fingers that she loves her wedding prezzi!..

As this is my 'Deliberate Practice of Art' blog I thought I'd share a little about my preparation for this piece...

Expressive luscious wet on wet strokes were to replace my usual thin, layered, more realistic renditions,.. I hadn't painted thus for a long time and never really for a proper portrait...

This was a challenge, however it was just the push I needed to widen my skills as an artist, loosening up and become more fluid with my strokes.
A lot of  preparation and research went in to this seeming spontaneity, perhaps it had more to do with building the confidence I needed..
The ever inspirational videos on Youtube, books and the amazing talent of other artists, helped quite a bit, as I developed a technique that suited what I wanted to create....

The composition was carefully worked out before hand, including the colours interaction with the exposed (toned) background... These are just a sample of the messy studies that went in to the pre-planning..

Hey like everyone, I'm always learning and I'm far from being able to easily dash of a piece like this again,.. More practice is needed and already I have a few ideas in mind for paintings in this technique,..

I'll be posting a clearer version on my main blog, as soon as it's in the couples safe hands,.. 

Thanks for the visit!..


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