WIP Ford Model T ACEO

Heya, an update on this piece,.. It's had two coloured glazes so far with Retouch Varnish being applied alternately with the glazes. I'm using as little medium as possible, applying the paint and then removing, leaving a very thin yet concentrated layer each time (still transparent). 

Oil & Retouch Varnish on Plasterboard (Watercolour Underpainting)
Size: 2.5 In x 3.5 In

It's been taking at least 1 1/2 - 2 days for each layer to dry properly though, before I can varnish (dry) and then apply the next glaze... 
Gees.. you must be thinking, I'm one patient lady.. NOT... haha, but I do quite like this technique as long as I have plenty of other art pieces to work on in between..

Thanks for the Visit!...


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