WIP Dragon Eye ACEO Test Painting

Hiya, I know this one looks like it's been done with colour pencil, but it's actually in rather watered down acrylic (sans any glazing fluid). Still not quite sure how I want the colours exactly for my main 'Dragon Eye' oil painting, so did this little test piece to work it out.. I was also planning on adding mist in the shape of Mandelbrot sets at the very end so I thought I'd better test that out on this piece next as well, just to be sure it wouldn't be too much....

Acrylic on Primed Thin Linen Mounted on Plywood
Size: 2.5 Inches x 3.5 Inches

I know I'm taking way too long on this painting, but I just can't help being rather a perfectionist on this one..

Anyways thanks for the visit!.. :)


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