Timeless Chaos ACEO WIP 2

More on my next conceptual ACEO!...

Traced pre-drawing from a photocopy of my detailed sketch (best not to use the original sketch as I may need it for future reference)..
Raw umber oil paint was rubbed on the back of the photocopy, imprinting the image on the surface when traced.

A 3rd thru... There was more after this but just couldn't get a good pic..
No worries you'll see it soon enough!

Almost done.. the rest of the piece was almost completed except for the car,
but  as night fell, I somehow could not get a satisfactory picture without the natural lighting as I had for the other pics,...

I'm quite tuckered out but I have to go out for the night so the car will have to be completed tomorrow..... :)

Till then!.. :)

p.s. managed to scan it the next day when it was dry enough.. Unfortunately I was out most of the day so was unable to complete it.. here it is for now!


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