'Golden Flame' Complete!

Heya!... It's done!.. This is not the best picture, but I'll be getting my pro photographer bf to take a better one sometime today so I have a better picture for my collector and my own records..

'Golden Flame'
Mixed Media Painting
Size: 5 x 5 feet

Parts of the raw canvas (primed with clear acrylic medium) was left bare on purpose while the rest of the piece was painted with mainly acrylic. White gesso was used as a base for the acrylic and charcoal gesture drawing and then a final Matt Permanent Varnish was applied to seal the charcoal and protect the whole piece..!

With my collectors approval this piece will hopefully bring lots of good vibes to their new Contemporary Japanese Restaurant!.. I'll be posting a link to their website soon!..

Thanks so much for the visit!.. :)

p.s. Check out how this piece was created at 'Golden Flame'.


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