Free Sunday Giveaway of my Drawings Every Month!!

If you've visited my fb page recently you probably already know that I'm giving away one of my gesture drawings every Sunday once a month (*usually every 2nd Sunday)!.. 

My drawings have been piling up doing nothing at home and so I thought why not give them away!.. One never knows if there is someone who might like to have them, especially since they would just be left turning moldy in storage anyways, and if no one wants them, at least they had a chance ay!.. :)

So starting this Sunday 15th June '14, I started posting one of my favorite practice drawings from the past week (*now the past month) on my Facebook Page Jacqueline Gomez Fine Artist and whom ever is the first to comment "I want it!" will get it for free !!.. The only catch is that the winner will have to pay for the postage k!... :)

Latest Sunday Free Giveaway for the month of December 2014!
Vine & Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint
Size: 7.5 x 10.5 Inches

So be sure to check out my fb page for the next FREE giveaway every Sunday every 2nd Sunday of the month and leave a comment saying you would like it if you do!!.. :)

p.s The winner will have to pay for shipping & handling, which will include an added $ 1.50 USD to send it via registered post. 

Shipping within Malaysia (registered post): RM 9.60 in a tube/roll.
International Shipping Flat Rate (registered post outside Malaysia): $10 USD in a tube/roll.

Postage & packaging will be paid via paypal that accepts major credit cards.

Thanks for the visit!.. :)

p.s.s These are all original drawings but will not be signed in anyway indicating their authorship and will only be practice drawings I have done referencing free online artist picture tools, such as that are not from life.


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