Long Pose Drawings.

Hi guys!.. Haven't posted here in ages!.. Concentrating on my art has had to be put on the back burner as most attention has had to go to the major reno's and moving to out new house.
I thought I'd post a few of the drawings that I'd not posted here yet!.. They are mainly some of my longer pieces.

Practicing the figure - 1 hour charcoal pencil & vine on newsprint. 

'Silence 2'
Sanguin Oil/ Rotel FFTT & Chinese White Pencil on Archival (acid & Lignen Free) Paper Toned and sized with Watercolour & Shellac.
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I did several test drawings for this piece (top) to refine my technique and work out exactly how I wished to approach the idea. It was the first time I was experimenting with sizing the watercolour toned paper with shellac, which works well with wax based pencils but not so much chalk types.

Practicing the figure - 11 mins charcoal pencil on newsprint

Charcoal Pencil on Acid & Lignen Free Archival Paper

Charcoal on Newsprint
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This drawing was done as part of a right angle study exercise. 

I've missed working full on with my art but should be all settled in by June - July and can start posting regularly again then!

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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