Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Few Left Handed Sketches

Hi all, so I did promise to post some of my efforts at drawing with my left hand these past few days even if they stank, so here are a few... 

It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster these past few days when a stray dog we had been trying to help find a home for, unfortunately very quickly succumbed to what later turned out to be Parvo virus. The vet said it must have been a very strong strain because of how rapidly it attacked the little guy (He died within 36 hours of showing signs of illness, too late for helping him with the information of the blood test) .. As we had been keeping him in our house for the few days before his demise, and my dog had been very chummy and close to him in that time, I'm on the look out now for any signs from my own dog (even though he's had his jabs) for the next couple of days... My cat passed away after a long struggle with cancer just a few weeks back,.. yes, what a year so far. Anyone who has had a pet or any animal pass away on them, know how heart wrenching it can to be unable to help or to find ones efforts were not good enough. One can only hope as I stayed by his side in his last hour (he passed away at midnight, too late to call for help, and hours after seeing the vet) the pain killers eased his pain, and he found some comfort with the company & loving environment in his last hours...

My hand is on the mend and I hope to be doing some form of art with it within the next week or so, which is great... Till then, more fun left handies!..

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