Lighting Studies 1

In a bid to inject more variety in the atmosphere and mood of my still lifes, as well as to practice my life observational skills of differing lighting hues and tones that I plan on using in future larger works, I've finally set up a still life box with adjustable lighting. I'd like to try some pieces in all sorts of lighting conditions, from a cool blue to the orangy one that was used below, while at the same time maintaining optimal bright light for me to paint by even if the still life is in relative darkness...

Beginning first study on a darkly toned raw umber toned linenboard surface.

As I'm currently working on a larger piece where elements are in relatively dark orangy light, I thought I may as well study such conditions (from the hues of the shadows cast to the lowering of the variety of value) in my first study here...

Thanks for visiting!.. :)

p.s. Here it is complete... You can see how different the lighting looks from the colours captured by the camera when I took the photo above..

I don't know why but whenever I upload my pictures on blogger here,
the colours look significantly desaturated.
Anyways, I have a much clearer picture in my head now on how to paint the larger piece.
Size: 2.5 x 3.5 Inches


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