The Left Hand Challenge

Ok so I'm right handed, but my right hand is currently completely incapacitated now and will be for at least a week after being bitten by my dog. This has happened quite a few times before ( the first year was a sad time of coming to grips with the fact that our dog was unfortunately not the type one could cuddle or have a normal relationship with like a normal dog. We have had to learnt to be careful around him 24/7 (I know many would say dogs like him just have to be put to sleep but how could we do that?.. ). We are just very careful and try to keep him happy and not stressed out, but sometimes it still happens).

Now to get where I was going,... After just recovering from a bad bug, and being holed up for a week, the thought of having to stave off my artwork for another week or more is totally Not cool. So I've decided it would be an opportune time to take up the 'Left Hand Challenge', and paint / draw everything (except my serious work) for the next week or so with my left hand!... I've always heard it was good brain exercise to change it up sometimes by using ones opposite hand to do things, so it'll be great!
I may post these attempts here, but I foresee some pretty ugly work coming up so if I do you'll be sure ( for the sake of my own pride) to see a disclaimer next to them...

It'll  be interesting to see how I improve with my left hand though..

Till then!.. :)


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