1st Proper Painting after Dog Bite!

Hi guys!,.. So my hand is still on the mend ( it was slightly fractured from the bite ), but I've been practicing and testing it out here and there and decided I was ready to paint a proper piece already!.. My hand is still quite stiff and aches constantly ( however painting seems to take my mind off the ache) so I am still trying to rest it as much as possible, but I think painting with it a bit will help in the long run. So the 'Left Handed Challenge' is officially over, as I try to regain my right hands functionality in painting /drawing etc...

Thought I'd start off with a watercolour painted from a picture I took of some yummy homemade mince pies just hot out of the oven last Christmas!..

It's now on its 9th layer.. I'm still grappling with this medium and tend to paint a little too light at first. Still a few more layers to go!

Ta for now & thanks for the visit!.. :)

p.s. Oh yes, in reference to a previous post, my dog is completely fine! The jabs protected him... :)


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