Reverse Poses

I haven't had a chance to continue these daily drawings sessions till now but here are some reverse poses I did with the help of 'Posemaniacs', and a Modeled watercolour...

Half Hour Modeled Watercolour Study
Watercolour on Manila Card, A3size

Each pose is completed in 3 minutes, and the idea is to draw a mirror image of the pose you are seeing... for example if your model has his left leg crossed over his right leg, you've got to draw it in reverse, instead drawing his right leg crossed over his left leg.... 6 poses were completed in one session.

The small picture to the right is the 'Posemaniacs' pose
which was drawn in reverse as shown...
4B Graphite on Newsprint
Reversal of poses (poses from 'Posemaniacs')


  1. Thank you, exelent!!! I apologize because I speak a little English. I'm searching this reverse poses, and this blog, helps me...


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