5 Minute (about) Caricature sketches

In leu of a possible job involving illustrative caricatures, I thought I'd better start practicing..

As you may find, I've got a ways to go before capturing the essence of caricature, most importantly MORE EXAGGERATION.... As an article from 'The MAD Blog' says, it takes 500 failed attempts before one really starts to GET IT... so here goes.... Here are my first few quick attempts (their kind of light cos the pencil I grabbed happened to be a 'H', though I tried darkening them a bit in photoshop their still limited in tonality).. 

Seem to have 'normalized' this one instead of the required exaggeration.. 

'Joey Barton'
Mind the language!... 

'Lee Chong Wei'
This ones a bit better but still could do with a lot more exaggeration..
practice, practice, practice.. :)

Well thats it for now... It was nice posting something different this time.. Thanks for visiting!.. :)


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