Right Angle Study

I'm back with yet another invaluable exercise Kimon Nicolaides features in 'The Natural Way to Draw', the 'Right Angle Study'... one I've yet to do a post on, so here it is!..

The focus of this study is to draw not what you see but rather what you think the pose would look like at a 45 degree angle from where you are standing.. In essence, using the knowledge you have of the subject before you, to reconstruct and visualize, as accurately as possible, how it would look from a different angle.... 

Fig. 1 is the pose I referenced as I imagined how the pose would look like at a 45 degree angle (Fig.2)...
(Thanks again to Posemaniacs.com for it's extensive library of poses and supportive tools)

Taking approximately 30 minutes, the first 10 is spent drawing this imagined angled view of the pose before you (Fig.1) (this is done in a gestural manner). The rest of the time is spent going back and forth checking it's accuracy against the actual 45 degree angle view (Fig. 2) of the original pose (this is done without making any alterations to the original drawing).. 

This method really heightens ones awareness of the subject before you, as the brain has worked hard at imagining the angled view and thus finds more intense interest and focus when given the opportunity to view the pose for real.... This thus improves ones observational skills.. :)

Well thats it!.. Thanks for visiting... :)


  1. Post a couple of side by side comparison photos. :D


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