Breathing in New Life.

Hi all, I'm planning my next painting which will be referencing an old sketch I did for a huge painting. 
A few years back I took some pictures of a red Ford Model T, a later version from the ol' choice of black & white I'm sure, and was unable to capture a straight-on picture of the back, since the car was backed up close to a wall. I sorta devised how it would look from the back, referencing the pictures I did have and this is what I came up with.

Watercolour on Paper sketch

This next painting is really a modified repainting of an old large painting I never completed. This was mainly because I was never happy with the gorgeous classic MG I had used for the old piece, which was chosen just because it was the right colour (white) . It didn't really fit the concept of the painting, and thus this niggling blemish has since banished the painting to unrequited completion.

An unfinished painting is an unpleasant ache, especially one that one has put much research, love and labour in to, it's inpiration and reason of conception left null and void. So I'm glad I've decided to finally complete it, if not in it's original form, by replacing the classic MG with the Model T in white!..

It's great being an artist!..

Thanks for the visit! :)


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