Returned at Last!

After being holed up for almost a week with a nasty bug, I'm finally getting to get back to work, and scratch that unquenchable creative itch I've been having the past week!.. I've also had time to reevaluate what I'll be focusing my attentions on next (it's something I'd already decided on doing but sometimes one can get side tracked. Nothing like an unintended short sabbatical to sort that out). 

Now continuing with a work in progress or rather a study for a work in progress.. (The Klimt piece is on hold just for now)

I'm going to be trying out a different technique with painting this and I'm not entirely sure it's going to turn out as intended but I'm sure to learn somethin' ay!.. Already applied several layers of raw umber underpainting.

I'll be back soon with more!.. Thanks for dropping by!.. :)


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