The Testy Text

Hiya guys, I'm planning a series of larger paintings with a magnifying glass, but thought I'd give it a test drive with this little piece.

Shot of the set up. The magnified text set a mood for the coming pieces.
That thick tome there is the 10th edition of 'Art Through The Ages'
read cover to cover, then promptly forgotten..

Painted from life alla prima as you can see, a very minimalist palette was used (dug out some colours that have been feeling a little lonely) of Cad Yellow & Red, Phthalo Blue, Paynes Gray & of course Titanium White.

For the lettering I used a Sgraffito technique with a sharp black colour pencil.. Everything else was painted with two (000) rounds, though next time I think I'll try using a small flat brush...

Thats it for now!.. Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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