Traveling through one of the more rural parts of India during a business trip a few years back I passed some pretty picturesque scenes of life in the outskirts and had to snap a few shots.. Here's one I just completed in oil painted mostly wet on wet.. :)

Medium: Oil on Primed Canvasboard
Size: 5.1 x 7.3 Inches

I'm thinking of doing a travel series of small paintings from photos I've taken during my rare trips around the world... There haven't been many but each trip was always special to me and I think it'll be fun to try and tell a little about the places I visited with these pieces..

Once it's dry enough I'll post a clearer scanned version of this piece on my website!.. 

Thanks for the visit guys!... :)

p.s. Check out a 'Inside Looking Out in India' for the final picture, wip's or to purchase!


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