Long Overdue Drawing Update

Hi all, here are just a few from the past few weeks as I follow Nicolaides's schedule as well as just drawing some figures for fun with the help of  posemaniacs.com

About 1 hour plus

2 minute figure gestures.

11 & 5 minute gestures

20 minute

30 minute

Modeled Studies.
One is to feel the form by pushing/darkening (further away) or pulling/less darkening (closer) .. No attention at all is given to the tone or hues of the subject in this exercise.
Modeled Drawing with a Black Ball point Pen
Modeled Drawing with watercolour. Nicolaides specified the use of yellow ocher first to first fill out the form then a mixture of burnt umber and black to push back the parts that are further away  (like wih the ball point pen).. 

Right Angle Study
Right angle study. In this exercise one studies a pose (angle A) and imagines and draws how it would look if seen from a right angle (angle B shown here on the left). The rest of the time is then spent checking ones accuracy by actually viewing the same pose at a right angle (angle B) and cross referencing it with what one has already drawn (imagined angle B). One can then proceed to study the form and angle more by actually drawing it again but this time not from imagination but by actual observation by viewing it from angle B (shown here on the right), basically drawing what one actually sees.

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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