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Prague Watercolour WIP

Hiya, I thought I'd post a little on what I'm working on at the moment!.. I'm painting this view of Prague as a present for my mum from a postcard she brought back after a lovely visit there.

About half way through now... The piece is about A3 in size.

It's a beautiful scene to paint and indeed a first for me to paint such a detailed cityscape!.. I'm trying to keep it as loose as possible and stifle the urge to slavishly copy every detail!.. It's been great fun so far... I'm thinking I'm about half way through at this point... :)

I've been posting work in progress details on my website at 'on the easel..' if your interested!... :)

p.s. See the completed watercolour on my main blog at Prague Watercolour


I've also been having a blast, getting a chance to give away some of my favourite practice drawings for FREE on my FB Page 'Jacqueline Gomez Fine Artist' every Sunday!..

This was last Sunday's Free Giveaway...!

Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint
Size: about 12.5 x 8.5 Inches

I know it's not the end of the week yet, but I really like this drawing below, so it'll definitely be the next 'Free Sunday Giveaway' this 21st Sept '14, regardless of what else I produce the rest of this week... :)

Vine & Charcoal Pencil on Newsprint.
Size: about A4

Okie that's it for now,.. I'll try and post some of my progress with 'The Natural Way to Draw' by Nicolaides in my next update!... 

See ya guys, and have a great week ahead!.. :)


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