'Timeless Chaos' Copper Support!

So I'm still working on my website but here is an update on some of the progress I've gotten through for my next conceptual painting 'Timeless Chaos', of which, if you have been a visiting, will know I created a tiny 'Timeless Chaos' ACEO of already as a preliminary detailed painting of the idea...

Now since I took the pics I might as well show them. So here's a bunch... :)

First the Masonite support was braced and sanded ready to be mounted by canvas..
Sanded down..
Once  the  canvas was mounted, 8 layers of gesso (yes 8!) was applied for a pure white finish.. 

The pure whiteness of the canvas is an important part of the concept,
so cling wrap has been wrapped over the parts that will be showing so
as to avoid any inevitable mid painting smudging that may happen.

Primed copper was then cut & folded in to shape and then molded over the cling film protected canvas .

Copper nailed in the back with some tiny nails!

And now my pretty support is ready for a lovely painterly coat of oil paint!..

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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