Timeless Chaos Pre Drawing WIP

Heya, a little update on the wip of the painting i'm working on at the moment!.. 

As I have already done a quite detailed pre-painting of this piece before,.. I'm just working out the details with even more clarity and accuracy in this preliminary sketch of the larger piece..

Half way through after a few hours drawing and redrawing the Ford Model T,
using the few ref pics I have, all of which are taken kinda from a side angle.
Hopefully I can get it as accurate as possible!...

Once this is done I'll be able to trace the final probably a bit messy sketch (after all my rubbing off and redrawing) on to another piece of tracing paper, then photostat the clear drawing (so I can then work with the photostat to keep the original in good condition)... and voila on to the even more fun part!.. :)

Thanks for the visit guys!.. :)


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