Daruma Mixed Media Painting WIP

Hiya guys, just a little update on the Daruma inspired commission I've been working on.. After rendering the pre-drawing with the help of a grid, a layer pf glaze was applied to all areas except the circle. This enabled the black to have that deep stained look when it was applied later.

A side view of this 5 x 5 ft piece so far

Now I've just completed priming the other parts of the piece with white gesso ready for the charcoal gesture drawing and red paint that will be added later...

I've been updating my On The Easel.. page regularly on the progress of this piece, so if you'd like to check out more wip pics (to save space I don't always keep the old pics up but still one can see some semblance of its progress) and detailed info as I create this piece, check it out!... :)

Thanks for the visit!


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