Testing... testing..

Hiya,... working on a small test piece for a larger 5 x 5 ft commission I might do.. So far I've been messing around with compositional ideas on photoshop but now I feel I need to test out the techniques and mediums I plan on using on the actual piece.. 

Just laying a wash of clear acrylic gloss medium for the next stage.
I'll be using the raw canvas surface as a cool background to this piece. (it's primed with white gesso underneath, though I could just prime it with clear acrylic gloss medium all the way through, I think the white underneath the canvas will give it more solidity and light reflection)

I don't foresee posting much on this as I work through the piece, but I'll be sure to take loads of pics to be posted on my website when it's done!..

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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