White Carnation Watercolour Practice

Hiya!.. Haven't painted in watercolour in ages! I'll be doing small pieces at least once a week to start making a more concerted effort to hone my skills in it. I've worked very little in watercolour, just because, in the past I've found the challenge and variety of techniques in oil to be so all consuming, my concentration in one, left the other on the way side for a bit..

'White Carnation' ACEO
Medium : Watercolour on Rough Watercolort Paper
Size: 2.5 In x 3.5 In

Oil and watercolour take very different approaches and it can be difficult to switch gears if one has concentrated on one medium for too long.. Of course there is merit in sticking to one medium, after all a Jack of all trades would find it very difficult to be a master of one.. 
Where's the fun in that though! I do love painting in both, and I can't help but wish to improve in each medium equally!

Thanks for the visit!.. :)


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