Testing the Daruma Groove

Been working on a new commission lately. 
Most of the pre brainstorming was done on photoshop, but after the initial composition was agreed upon I did these little actual paintings to test the materials and techniques I planned on using for the final 5x5 ft painting. 

2nd Test 6 x 6 Inch Mixed Media Painting

This top painting was actually the second test piece after I worked out the sequence of layering and what else was really needed in the first test piece on the bottom.

1st Test 6 x 6 Inch Mixed Media Painting

Just finalized everything with my collector today so will be starting work on the actual piece as soon as the support is ready.The frame shop was great, I was able to order and receive a perfect stretcher frame in just a few hours. So next up,.. the canvas prep!.. :).

Thats it for now folks, thanks for the visit!.. :)

p.s. See the wip pics of the final completed painting at my website at: 'Golden Flame'


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